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Einführung in die Therapie Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung
Anzeige ANZEIGE - mysalifree Biokosmetik

Questions and Answers about SalSearch

Why does SalSearch not value food and food additives?

The ingredients of food are "metabolized" in the liver that means split to a large extent into the same chemically.  Salicylic acid (in normal amounts) such as those exist in the (normal) food portions, is reduced to a small quantity and thus not reaches the blood circulation. Therefore Guaifenesin users also can consume food safely. The situation is different for concentrates and extracts (juice, candy, licorice, tea, etc.), because there the salicylate is much higher. 

Anzeige - Dienstleistung/Produkt möglicherweise ungeeignet im Rahmen der Guaifenesin-Therapie

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