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Einführung in die Therapie Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung
Anzeige ANZEIGE - mysalifree Biokosmetik

Questions and Answers about SalSearch

Why does SalSearch not value medications and dietary supplements?

For drugs and dietary supplements, the case is more difficult than for cosmetics. Here should be noted whether the material to be tested is an adjuvant or active ingredient, whether it is a topical product or lozenge or a tablet. In addition, the ingredients are listed in German and often contain additives (dye, preservative, etc). The lists in SalSearch are based on the unified INCI-lists, where all the ingredients are usually given in English. Therefore Salsearch cannot value drugs. For information concerning drugs please ask the GUAI GROUP.

Anzeige - Dienstleistung/Produkt möglicherweise ungeeignet im Rahmen der Guaifenesin-Therapie

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